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We are manufacturers of chemicals

We are a chemical products company specialized in laundry detergents and accessories for laundries and dry cleaners

G.B.M. Elettrochimica has been a manufacturer of chemicals since 1980: our mission is to offer to all operators in the laundry and dyeing industry a complete service, suitable to every need with a high quality standard of products for professional textile cleaning.

Our chemical products company fabricates products and washer detergents for laundries as a result of constant studies: in fact, the core activity in G.B.M. is research, through which we are able to guarantee reliable professional products of excellent quality and high performance. Decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of the sector and the constant desire for innovation, allow us to offer a complete range of professional laundry products and an assortment of accessories for laundries and dry-cleaners in line with the current demands of the Italian and European market.

Wide range of chemicals

Our constant research and analysis of the market demand enables us to develop and manufacture cutting-edge chemical products for laundries and dry-cleaners.
Right now, the amount of products we are manufacturing is very high, of which the main categories are:

- Dry cleaning
- Wet cleaning
- Water-based cleaning
- White line
- Leather care
- Sensene
- Spray
- Hydrocarbon cleaning
- Accessories

Top Quality

Every G.B.M product has a very high quality standard, thanks to our careful choice of materials and our state-of-the-art manufacturing process.
G.B.M. top-quality policy concerns not only our products, but also the services we provide, for example our time-effective order processing and our commitment in every business relationship.

G.B.M. Elettrochimica

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