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Dry Master Fresh

Dry Master Fresh - Line Dry cleaning reinforcer

Dry Master Fresh scented antibacterial softener with antistatic effect

Dry Master Fresh

Dry Master Fresh is a concentrated dry cleaning reinforcer, containing an innovative substance that gives it a note of freshness with additives, antistatics and microbicide substances. This reinforcer offers excellent power on fabrics of natural and synthetic fibers and gives a soft touch and brightness, used on colored fabrics will achieve an intensification of the brightness of the colors. Its strong antistatic effect avoids electrostatic charges thus minimizing the formation of fuzz on the tissues. It gives the garments treated a soft and full touch, reducing the creases on the fabrics facilitating ironing. Its microbicide substances and its FRESH system eliminate unpleasant odors from the fabrics giving it a delicate fragrance.

Package format: 10 - 20 kg

Dry master fresh-T

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