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The best choice for dry cleaning


Vivid colours, soft textiles and freshness of clean garments: wouldn’t your senses be delighted to experience all of this on your items after the dry-cleaning process? Sensene conjugates these pleasant sensations with cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

SENSENE™, the newest SAFECHEM product, is a modified-alcohol-based solvent, designed for the professional cleaning of garments.

Sensene is:

POWERFUL: it removes every type of stain from a wide range of textiles.

PROTECTIVE: it prevents colour-fading, preserving the vivid colours of the garments.

ECO-FRIENDLY: its formula is based on a modified biodegradable alcohol and with a low toxicity rate for the sea organisms. Sensene is the right dry-cleaning choice to help the environment!

DELICATE: it is extremely delicate on textiles and, therefore, the garment will not have many wrinkles, making ironing easier. Plus, all it leaves on garments is a delicate fresh smell of cleanliness.

EASY: not only Sensene makes the washing process easier and faster, but it also accelerates the drying times.


SENSENE™ can be used in the multi-solvent or hydrocarbon washing machines, also called “A III class solvents compatibles machines”. Compared to the hydrocarbon-based solvents, this new solvent has many more advantages: to know if your professional washing machine is certified for the usage of SENSENE™, please contact the manufacturer.


SENSENE™ has not yet been certified with the Care Labelling, according to the ISO 3758 norm. However, the tests have proven that SENSENE™ is already compliant to:

• “P” dry-cleaning system: normal dry-cleaning process without restrictions.

• “F” dry-cleaning system: delicate dry-cleaning process for delicate garments with restrictions (e.g. temperature and mechanics).

General recommendations about the SENSENE™ dry-cleaning machines are available.

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