Oil Cleaner S

Oil Cleaner S Degreaser line for water washing

Oil Cleaner S Prespotter and wetting liquid detergent with high degreasing power

Oil Cleaner S

Oil Cleaner S was created to solve problems related to grease and oil stains on items that can be washed in water.

Oil Cleanere S is a pre-spotting and liquid detergent soaked with high degreasing power and high cleaning power even on spots of pigments, indicated for heavy load of dirt.

Excellent potential of penetration into the stain. Degreasing detergent for necks and cuffs. It can be used instead of normal detergent for washing overalls and work clothes.

Package format: 1 - 10 - 20 Lt

Oil Cleaner S-T

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Oil Cleaner

Oil Cleaner

Easily removes the most stubborn grease stains in water washing


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